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    IP 54 IP CODE

    The mobile work light of the ALDEBARAN® 1000 made by SETOLITE is applicable in almost every area where an energy saving illumination is needed.

    The ALDEBARAN® 1000 is also available

    • with opposite socket
    • with other plugs, CEE, Swiss, England, France plug etc.
    • with IP 68 socket
    • with other voltages 12, 24, 48, 110, 230 or 400V

    The lamp of the SERIE 1000 is not only characterised by the used high-quality materials and the long life time resulting from this, but also by the enormous luminosity which is (verifiably) easily on the same level as a 500 W halogen lamp. Just like with the halogen lap, the 2×55 W version reaches light intensities of up to 9600 Lm, but without causing fire hazard because the used illuminants create just little warmth. The flicker-free, homogeneous light, as well as the long life time of approx. 20,000h are more striking features of this work light.

    The work light, which is optionally available with different voltages as well, is used by our costumers for various purposes:
    DRK and THW and other aid organisations use the lamp at operations and practices.
    The Bundeswehr and other European armies use our products for the temporary illumination of tents or on tripods for the lighting of bigger areas or similar environments.

    Aside from this standard version, there are also dimmable versions, specifically for (military) hospital tents, available. Even emergency light versions are available, in several sizes and wattages.

    Technical Data

    Model2x36W EVG DIM
    Temperature (max)40 °C
    IP ClassIP 54
    Input Voltage230 V
    Mains Frequency50 Hz
    Type of CurrentAC
    Power Consumption2x36 W
    Protection ClassI
    Product description and technichal data, as well as availability can be changed without notice. Technical changes and errors reserved!


    > Magnet holder incl. gauge screws, type B
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    Gebrauchsanleitung / Instruction for use(ca. 1,5 MB)
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