• Homogeneous and glare-free work light
  • Impact, shock and vibration resistant, easy to maintain (2G11 base)
  • Passive, wear-free cooling technology
  • 75% energy saving through energy saving lamps
  • Power Consumption: 2x22 W
  • Temperature (min): -20 °C
  • Temperature (max): +40 °C
Item no: 1410230016


The ALDEBARAN® 1000 was to realize a long-lasting, all-purpose, even under severe conditions and technically advanced product in the lighting sector with the target. High-quality housing materials such as aluminum and tough elastic plastics give the ALDEBARAN® 1000 series its external robustness. This claim is also continues inside: All components are screwed from the highest quality and vibration.
However, the lamps of the ALDEBARAN® 1000 series are characterized not only by the applied high-quality materials and the resulting longevity, but also by the enormous intensity, which demonstrated a 500 W halogen spot corresponds. Just as with halogen lamps Version light intensities up to 9600 Lm achieved in the 2x55 W - here but without the fire hazard because of the efficient lamps less heat radiation occurs. The flicker-free, uniform light and the long life of up to 20,000 h are further salient features of this work light.
Despite this long life of the lamps (optional fluorescent or LED) are very easy to change. In addition, the LED lamps are protected by a rear wall of aluminum additionally from damage.
Available are different versions and performance levels with additional functions wit emergency lights or dimming.
The artisans variant also features a 2.5 m extended H07BQ-F special cable. This so-called PUR cable is enormously again tough and thanks to additional protection against resistend against almost all strains of everyday life.

Technical Data

Input Voltage220-240 V
Mains Frequency50/60 Hz
Type of CurrentAC
Power Consumption2x22 W
Protection ClassI
Temperature (max)40 °C
IP ClassIP54
Temperature (min)-20 °C
Product description and technichal data, as well as availability can be changed without notice. Technical changes and errors reserved!


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