• Light Wave Lenght (Color Switching): 463 nm
  • Operating Time (Blink Mode): 16 h
  • Power Consumption: 12 W
  • Battery Capacity: 66 Wh
  • Operating Time (High Level): 6 h
  • Operating Time (Low Level): 39 h
  • Luminous Flux (real): 1.100 lm
Item no: 1440800063

1.25 kg

The "Safe Light" for mobile use
That light means security is nothing new. Even with the introduction of the 4000A X SERIES occupational safety and maximum operational capability was laid great emphasis on the aspect. The strengths of the 4000A X lights as long hours, cordless operation, homogeneous and glare-free light have been proven in the harshest environments. With the 4000A SIGNAL X1 SERIES, we have created a new generation of professional use lights that putting the spotlight on security even more strongly into focus.
Through a specially developed, proprietary LED array, the 4000A SIGNAL X1 lights are not producing only able homogeneous, white working light, but can also be switched to a colored flashing light. This signal light is one of the strongest signal light sources which are available in the form of a mobile hand lamp. Most treat conventional mobile lighting their colored signaling function rather somewhat neglected with signal light output between one to max. three watts. The X1 SIGNAL lights are capable of generating their signal light with the same power (up to 12 watts) as the powerful work light. The difference is noticeable towards conspicuously and greatest distance. For the right light can save lives.
With a wide range of accessories such as car bracket, handle, car charger, magnetic mounts, tripods etc. They are equipped with the 4000A X SERIES suited for all operational situations.
EXTREMELY ROBUST - Extremely robust, as luminaire body made of aircraft aluminum impact resistant polycarbonate lens Non-slip, rubberized controls that can be easily operated even when wearing gloves ensures high quality lithium-ion technology for stable performance through all temperature ranges
EXTREMELY BRIGHT - Glare-free, homogeneous light generation by high-performance LED area array. The SETO SAFELIGHT system avoids sustained glare and thus the "Subsequent seeing bright spots" in contrast to other LED light sources light output continuously adjustable and thus adaptable to the situation.
EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT operation with built-in batteries and / or lower with the supplied charger possible Early detection of battery capacity by Low Battery Message System (LBMS) Integrated "Take Me Home" function allows you to find the light in the dark wide range of optional features like car charge magnetic holders, tripod mount, etc.

Technical Data

Luminous Flux (real)1.100 lm
Colour Temperature5.000 K
Light Wave Lenght (Color Switching)463 nm
Durability50.000 h
Power Consumption12 W
Battery Capacity66 Wh
Operating Time (High Level)6 h
Operating Time (Low Level)39 h
Operating Time (Blink Mode)16 h
Charge Time4 h
Battery Type2x Li-Ion
Battery Voltage14,8 V
Battery Capacity (Cell)2.200 mAh
ModelX1 POLICE 66Wh
Temperature (max)40 °C
Dimensions267x120x145 mm
Weight1,25 kg
IP ClassIP54
Protection ClassIII
Temperature (min)-30 °C
Product description and technichal data, as well as availability can be changed without notice. Technical changes and errors reserved!


> Carrying handle for 4000A X lights, black, Nylon
Handle for 4000A X lights made of high-strength, temperature-resistant nylon plastic
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> Wall Fixture for 4000A X1 lights – set
Wall bracket for 4000A X1 lights – set
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> Carrying handle for 4000A X lights, black, Nylon
Handle for 4000A X lights made of high-strength, temperature-resistant nylon plastic
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> Car Charger 12-24 V DC for Li-Ion rechargeables (4 cells / 14.8 V)
Car charger 12-24 V DC for Li-Ion batteries (4 cells 14.8 V), charging voltage 16.8 V, 2 A, with cigarette lighter plug, incl. 3-pin. Lynix connector
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> Charger f. lamps w. Li-Ion battery 4 cell, output 16.8V / 2A
Charger for lights with Li-Ion battery (4 cells 14.4 V c> 1000 mAh), input voltage 100-240 V AC, output voltage 16.8 V / 2A, control LED, Lynex plug w3p
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4000A X_X1 SIGNAL_DE_Rev 02.2.pdf(ca. 11,1 MB)
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(4000A X_X1 SIGNAL_EN_Rev 02.2.pdf)
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Konformitätserklärung(ca. 0,4 MB)
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Gebrauchsanleitung / Instruction for use(ca. 0,4 MB)
(MAN_4000A X1 SIGNAL_DE EN_Rev 01.pdf)