• Extremely robust construction, large rubber end caps protect against impact
  • Easy to clean, suitable for decontamination tents
  • Cable H07BQ-F 3G1.5 with plug Schuko 16A / 230VIP68
  • Socket Schuko 16A / 230V IP68 opposite the feeding line
  • Incl. Nylon straps (2 pieces) 1.2 m (captive)
  • IP Class: IP65
  • Cable Length: 5 m
  • Input Voltage: 230 V
  • Luminant: LED PLL TUBE 22W
  • Durability: 50.000 h
Item no: 1450800127G

1.4 kg

The lamp lights even there, where others do not may only through. The ALDEBARAN® 5000 TUBE is designed for the application in which it comes to reliable operation in adverse environments. So it is suitable for example for use in decontamination tents or bathrooms but also for any other case, is necessary in the high resistance. The consistent use of extremely resilient components made of high-performance plastics allows her to donate sustainably safe light in the toughest conditions.

Technische Daten

Protection ClassII
LuminantLED PLL TUBE 22W
Luminous Flux (real)1.840 lm
Colour Temperature4000-4500 K
Durability50.000 h

Input Voltage230 V
Mains Frequency50 Hz
Type of CurrentAC
Power Consumption22 W


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