• Maintenance-free LED technology
  • Up to 70% energy savings
  • SETO XPECT LED lens system to avoid stray light and light pollution
  • SETO TRUE VIEW Light color mixture for optimal visibility in rain, fog and dust
  • Almost indestructible SETO IRONCORE STRUCTURE
  • Luminous Flux: 143.400 lm
  • Luminous Flux (real): 132.600 lm
  • Power Consumption: 900 W
  • Colour Temperature: 4000/6000 K
  • CRI: >70
  • IP Class: IP66
  • Weight: 21,5 kg
  • Angle Adjustment: 360° turnable in 7,5° steps
  • Backup Cable: yes
Item no: 1443001402-A

21.5 kg

Specially developed for mounting on tower cranes and for illuminating large construction sites, LED crane spotlights of the ALDEBARAN® CRANEMASTER 2.0 SERIES literally put high-maintenance halogen and HQI solutions in the shade. Depending on the ambient conditions, these LED floodlights for top-slewing cranes can achieve energy savings of up to 70%.
Thanks to the SETO XPECT2 lens technology used, the light is emitted in a targeted manner in the required areas and at the same time the unwanted and energy-consuming spread of inefficient scattered light is contained. The SETO TRUEVIEW technology of our LED crane lighting counteracts weather-related, poor visibility conditions on the building site. Different light colors are combined in the spotlight so that optimal penetration of atmospheric disturbances such as fog is achieved.
The wear-free and maintenance-free LED technology works completely without active cooling components, which means that maximum economy and reliability are achieved. Due to the indestructible SETO IRONCORE construction, the safe use of the CRANEMASTER crane washer is permanently ensured in the construction process.

Technical Data

Luminant3x 300 W Modul
Luminous Flux143.400 lm
Luminous Flux (real)132.600 lm
Colour Temperature4000/6000 K
Durability100.000 h
Beam Angle60 °
Input Voltage400 V
Mains Frequency50/60 Hz
Type of CurrentAC
Power Consumption900 W
Protection ClassI
Temperature (max)50 °C
Dimensions645x625x145 mm
Weight21,5 kg
Angle Adjustment360° turnable in 7,5° steps
Backup Cableyes
IP ClassIP66
Impact ResistanceIK10
Temperature (min)-30 °C
PlugCEE 5-pole, IP67
Product description and technichal data, as well as availability can be changed without notice. Technical changes and errors reserved!


SETO crane frame T-P, steel galvanized
The SETO crane frame made of galvanized steel for attaching spotlights to construction cranes is suitable for profile diameters of 40 – 130 mm. The socket pins with cotter pin enable quick and safe assembly at any time. A perforated mask on the mounting bracket also enables the headlights to be used at an angle.
Item no: 1410993442
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SETO CRANE FRAME for Crane Booms, steel galvanized
The SETO CRANE FRAME for crane jibs is designed so that it fits all jibs of top-slewing and bottom-slewing cranes from well-known manufacturers. It enables the inclusion of high-performance crane lights from the SETO STAR and SETO CRANESTAR series. This guarantees the best view below the crane boom at all times.
Item no: 1410993443
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SETO crane frame ‘SLIM’, V2A
In contrast to the usual frames, the `SLIM` version of the SETO crane frame is particularly optimized for compact transport dimensions and low weight. So that it is still compatible with most crane types, the basic construction has been retained. The multi-part design and various mounting points for the spotlights enable space-saving storage and transport …
Item no: 1410993445
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Extension cable “CEE.16A.WD” 25m H07RN-F 5G2.5
Extension CEE.16A.WD 25 m H07RN-F 5G2.5 with CEE plug 5p 400V 16A IP67 and CEE coupling 5p 400V 16A IP67
Item no: 1410000110
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Extension cable “CEE.16A.WD” 40m H07RN-F 5G2.5
Extension ´CEE.16A.WD´ 40 m H07RN-F 5G2.5 with CEE plug 5p 400V 16A IP67 and CEE coupling 5p 400V 16A IP67
Item no: 1410000119
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