Item no: 14F1603002

    The ALDEBARAN® FLATITE 600 is an innovative lighting concept which integrates the latest LED technology (LED strips) in a robust and flat light fixture, predestined for the usage in confined spaces. The Flatlilte system is designed for the installation on ceilings or walls, whereby fastening can take place with the help of removable corner pieces, or optionally with customised mountings on the back of the lamp.

    If you are looking for a homogeneous, flicker-free, as well as a space and energy saving lighting for containers, cabins or vehicle bodywork, this Flatlite system is the right option for you. It comes with different designs, which enable operation with a 230 V main circuit or a motor vehicle wiring system.

    Despite low heat generation, all Flatlites are equipped with a polycarbonate front pane for fire safety. The system operates in surrounding temperatures of –40°C to +59°C and guarantees easy handling due to rounded corners and edges.


    If necessary, Flatlites can be equipped for illumination of work stations with computer screens according to DIN EN 12464-1 and DIN 5035-7. Furthermore, various versions can be fitted with CRI value (Ra ≥ 90) LEDs in order to illuminate rooms for medical treatments.



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