ALDEBARAN® Flatlite 900, constant voltage

Product features

  1. Very flat construction
  2. Extremely resilient and flame resistant
  3. Optional with frame
  4. Temperature (min): -40 °C
  5. Temperature (max): 59 °C
  6. Power Consumption: 48 W
Item no: 14F1903002

The ALDEBARAN® FLATLITE is an innovative lighting concept in which current LED technology (LED strips) in a robust and flat lamp body is used. ALDEBARAN® FLATLITE lights are ideally suited for use in confined environments and flat spaces such as containers or passenger compartment. The system is designed to be mounted on ceilings or walls, wherein the screw connection can take place directly and invisible by the removable corner caps or alternatively with custom brackets at the rear of the lamp.
If you need a homogeneous, flicker-free and space-saving and energy-saving lighting for containers, confined spaces, cabins or vehicle bodies, then the FLATLITE system with only 25 mm total height is exactly the right choice. It also meets the highest safety requirements that it has put in many, military tests to the test. The modular system is composed of 5 basic types, optionally with louvers or frosted glass, with either 230 V or main network with 12/24 V vehicle electrical system can be operated.
In spite of the low heat build all flat lites for flame retardancy with a polycarbonate windscreen are equipped. The system can be used in ambient temperatures ranging from -40 ° C to +59 ° C and should be handled by the low weight and the rounded edges and corners very well.
If needed, the Flat Lites according to DIN EN 12464-1 and DIN 5035-7 can be equipped for the lighting of computer workstations. may further sämltiche variants with increased CRI value (Ra ≥ 90) are supplied, for example, for use in medical rooms. If the height is not limited, a structural frame can also be mounted in which cabling and power supplies can hide.

Technical Data

Protection ClassIII
Luminous Flux (real)5.040 lm
Colour Temperature4.000 K
Input Voltage24 V
Type of CurrentDC
Power Consumption48 W
Temperature (max)59 °C
Temperature (min)-40 °C
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