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ALDEBARAN® GLADIUS 2K LED, 230 V / 160 W, yellow-black

  1. Blendfreie XPECT2-LED Linsenoptik (reduziert deutlich Streuverluste und Blendwirkung)
  2. Integrierte DIN Bolzenaufnahme, Kabelaufwicklung und Tragegriff
  3. SETO LiveView Farbmischersystem für optimale Durchdringung bei jeder Witterung

Item no: 1410001311

6.5 kg

Efficient tools in rescue technology are more important than ever.
The low weight of GLADIUS 2K LED, its compact size and practicality in use were of the same name Short sword to the Romans estimated virtues.

The SETO used in GLADIUS 2K LED XPECT2 LED lens system allows simultaneously a high range for search operations and comprehensive illumination of the immediate - and virtually free of any wastage.
A natural color reproduction and reflection even in adverse weather conditions will be achieved through the use of the integrated SETO Life View Systems, are combined additively in which different colors of light.

The GLADIUS 2K LED has an integrated cable storage for the 10 meter long connection cable, and an integrated handle and a bolt receiving DIN at the bottom. Thus, the GLADIUS 2K LED universal lighting tool and an efficient replacement for traditional halogen lamps.

Technische Daten

Luminant2x SPM16B LED Module
Luminous Flux25.000 lm
Luminous Flux (real)25.900 lm
Colour Temperature4000/5700 K
Beam Angle60/25 °
Durability50.000 h

Input Voltage100-240 V
Mains Frequency50/60 Hz
Type of CurrentAC
Power Consumption160 W
Protection ClassI


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