• Low power consumption
  • Can be adapted to your existing mast system
  • Optimum visibility for bad weather conditions thanks to variable color mixing (cold and warm white)
  • Revolutionary SETO XPECT2 LED single-lens system
  • Different beam angles can be combined for optimized light distribution
Item no: 1410001362

20.4 kg

A new lighting concept, specially for light mast systems.

The development of the ALDEBARAN® HERO SERIES focused on two main targets.
On the one hand, the greatest possible flexibility in the configuration of the desired light image, on
the other hand the maximum possible efficiency with regard to the light output in lumen / watt. The result is a masterpiece of lighting technology, which rightly bears the name „Hero“.

The core of the HERO system is the new and highly efficient SETOLITE XPECT2 LED module with integrated single-lens optics. Thanks to the choice of differently shaped lenses and LED light colors, the system can be flexibly tailored to any customer and light requirements. The ALDEBARAN® HERO system is always the right choice, whether it is large distances or wide areas. The optionally miscible light colors ensure optimal working light. The light modules
can be ordered with individual mast fixtures, so that almost every old system can be replaced by a HERO. Thanks to the scalable architecture of the ALDEBARAN® HERO light modules, light outputs of up to 1,600,000 million lumens and more are possible.

This system has an actually messured light output of 133.000 Lumen with only 2 x 440 W.
With the powerful Aggregate SETO POWERATOR 1800 Compact, with 1,5 kW rated power and weight of only 10 kgs, the lighting system can easily be operated.
Very high light outputs are generated by minimal current consumption with this new SETO LED-Generation.

A combination of cold and warm light tones generates a comfortable work light .
As required ALDEBARAN® HERO is able to bridge large distances and illuminate large areas.

With the ALDEBARAN® HERO you have in:
40 m distance approx. 100 Lux. That corresponds to an area of approx. 5000 m²
80 m distance approx. 15 Lux. That corresponds to an area of approx. 20.000 m²

ALDEBARAN® HERO outclasses all the other systems – systems with 400.000, 800.000 and 1.600.000 Lumen or more are possible without anx problems. For example for 1,6 Mio. Lumen only 8,8 kW power is needed.
Enough light to illuminate a whole tent city with a single system – no matter if mobile or permanently installed.

ALDEBARAN® HERO – With Highly effective Light modules

ALDEBARAN® HERO There is a choice of round about 30 different optic varations as well as 60 light colours. The protection code IP68 is standard in all modules. Anything else but standard is the extreme load possibility. The light modules are heat and coolingresistant. In a professional test series the modules were exposed to water with a temperature of 91° C and afterwards to ice water with -3° C.

Technical Data

Luminant12x SETO XPECT2 LED Modules
Luminous Flux (real)130.000 lm
Colour Temperature4.000 K
Beam Angle12x 60 °
Durability50.000 h
Input Voltage100-240 V
Mains Frequency50/60 Hz
Type of CurrentAC
Power Consumption880 W
Protection ClassI
Wiring1=L, 2=N, PE
Temperature (max)50 °C
Dimensions1060x287(345)x105 mm
Weight20,40 kg
IP ClassIP67
Temperature (min)-40 °C
Product description and technichal data, as well as availability can be changed without notice. Technical changes and errors reserved!


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