ALDEBARAN® Profiline LED 36 W

  1. Knickschutz (Außer Master-Versionen)
  2. Alle Stecker IP68 Schuko mit Bajonettverschluss
  3. Integrierte Steckdose für zusätzliche Verbraucher oder Serienschaltung
  4. Flächiges LED Licht, dadurch reduzierte Blendwirkung
  5. Wartungsfreies LED-Panel, resistent gegen Schläge und Vibrationen
  6. Schutzart: IP65
  7. Kabellänge: m
  8. Eingangsspannung: 100-240 V
  9. Leuchtmittel:
  10. Lebensdauer: h
Item no: 14PLLED41WA


ALDEBARAN® PROFILINE LED is a lighting concept that comes with the latest LED technology is used. The great advantage of this system lies in its impact resistant construction which makes the lamp extremely tough and durable. In addition ALDEBARAN® PROFI LINE LED lamps are completely modular construction despite dust and water jets (IP65).
Furthermore, the use PROFILINE lighting is characterized by a multi-arched reflector which allows a homogenous distribution of light. Different sizes and wattages ensure Kombatibilität to all systems. Compared with conventional lighting systems, you need the light distribution and brightness received so not compromise.
ALDEBARAN® PROFI LINE LED Emergency luminaires are equipped with an additional Li-ion high-temperature battery, which allows for at least two hours without lighting power supply. In the event of a power failure is automatically switched to battery operation (emergency light). By using an advanced lithium-ion batteries have these lights only slightly heavier than the standard versions.
For variants with this dimming function is electronically controlled by a single switch, the last setting is stored. The dimming function is not available in battery mode. In the 'master' version of the lamp is configured to angeschlossen- that additional consumers can be turned on and simultaneously. In battery mode, it operates only one LED.

Technische Daten

Input Voltage100-240 V
Mains Frequency50/60 Hz
Type of CurrentAC
Power Consumption40 W
Protection ClassI