1. Schlagfest nach IK10
  2. leichtes Aluminium Gehäuse mit Edelstahl-Bügel
  3. Homogenes Lichtbild durch asymetrisches Xpect Linsensystem*
  4. Lichtstrom (real): 6.300 lm
  5. Leistungsaufnahme: 65 W
  6. Schutzart: IP65
  7. Stecker: IP68 blau
Item no: 1410000828

5.5 kg

Efficiency redefined: How the primeval Veloci-raptors the radiator of the RAPTOR RP LED SERIES to the efficient representatives belong in the genus. Designed to replace energy-guzzling, conventional halogen lamps, is in this series, our combined know-how.
The Seto Xpect lens system focuses the LED light generated and made possible by a plurality of specially calculated single lenses, the perfect illumination of the installation location. The emission of ALDEBARAN® RAPTOR RP LED SERIES is modeled not only that of a traditional halogen spotlight, but could also be significantly optimized. The result speaks for itself: a continuous uniform illumination of the surrounding area.
A LED illuminators of the Raptor series uses less than one-sixth the energy of a comparable halogen lamp, at the same time up to 40% increased amount of light.

Technische Daten

Luminant1 x M8B LED MODULE
Luminous Flux7.000 lm
Luminous Flux (real)6.300 lm
Colour Temperature5.000 K
Beam Angle60 °
Durability50.000 h

Input Voltage100-240 V
Mains Frequency50/60 Hz
Type of CurrentAC
Power Consumption65 W
Protection ClassI