2x ALDEBARAN® SMARTLINE MULTI-COLOR inkl. Fernbedienung im Transportkoffer (Kunststoff)

  1. Ideal für Zelte von bis zu 80m²
  2. Einfache Steuerung über Remote-Control-System
  3. Integrierte Farbumschaltung
  4. Platzsparender Transport, dank des mitgelieferten Transportkoffers (ab 2 ASM-Leuchten)
  5. Leistungsaufnahme: 55 W
  6. Leuchtmittel: RGB-W LED
  7. Lichtstrom (real): lm
  8. Farbtemperatur: K
  9. Temperatur (min): -25 °C
  10. Temperatur (max): 40 °C
  11. Gewicht: 3,5 kg
Item no: 1417192000-2

3.5 kg

The ALDEBARAN® SMART LINE MULTI-COLOR (ASM) is a lighting product designed specifically for the entertainment and event industry. This luminaire is equipped with RGB-W (red - green - blue - white) LEDs feature which continuously can generate thousands of light colors.
RGB-W LEDs are always used for color changes. The younger generation RGB-W additionally has a white light LED for lightening and stronger enforcement of colors integrated. In addition, cold and warm white tones can be generated thanks to this technology. various functions of the practical Handesensor can be called - freely selectable individual colors, dimming, on / off switch, automatic switching of different colors over a corresponding period.
Up to 8 ASM lights can be controlled using a handheld sensor which is configured specifically for these lamps. The range is above the 2.5 GHz band at about 20 meters. The ALDEBARAN® MULTI-COLOR REMOTE hand sensor for determining the desired color is included.

Technische Daten

LuminantRGB-W LED
Luminous Fluxvaries depending on light color lm
Durability50.000 h

Input Voltage100-240 V
Mains Frequency50/60 Hz
Type of CurrentAC
Power Consumption55 W
Protection ClassI


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