• Homogenes und blendfreies Arbeitslicht
  • Schlag-, stoß- und vibrationsfest
  • Varianten mit integriertem Dimmer erhältlich
  • Passive, verschleißfreie Kühltechnologie
  • 75% Energieeinsparung durch Energiesparleuchtmittel (2G11-Sockelung)
Item no: 1410001502

17.6 kg

XLD-2C – Experience light in a new deminsion

ALDEBARAN® XLD-2C (Xtreme Lighting Device) Series – Maximum light performance and resourceconserving efficiency are the mainstays of ALDEBARAN® XLD-2C luminaires.

In just a few seconds, these lamps, which are based on almost unbreakable LED technology, immerse their entire environment into a concentrated homogeneous light. To achieve this, the newly developed, single-lens-based Xpect2 LED moduleswork in a perfect combination. In addition to the light homogeneity, this mainly includes the avoidance of scattered light and the resulting increase in energy efficiency.


Datenblatt(ca. 0,4 MB)
(DAT_IP67_XLD SERIE_DE_Rev 02.3.pdf)
Datasheet(ca. 0,4 MB)
(DAT_IP67_XLD SERIE_EN_Rev 02.3.pdf)
Konformitätserklärung(ca. 0,4 MB)
Konformitätserklärung(ca. 0,4 MB)
Gebrauchsanleitung / Instruction for use(ca. 0,9 MB)
(MAN_XLD_DE EN_Rev 01.1.pdf)
RoHS_Konformitätserklärung_XLD-2_03.19.pdf(ca. 0,4 MB)
XLD_DE_Rev 01.1.pdf(ca. 1,5 MB)
(XLD_DE_Rev 01.1.pdf)
XLD_EN_Rev 01.1.pdf(ca. 1,5 MB)
(XLD_EN_Rev 01.1.pdf)
XLD_FRA_Rev 01.1.pdf(ca. 1,5 MB)
(XLD_FRA_Rev 01.1.pdf)