• High light output, homogeneous illuminant
  • Passive, wear-free cooling technology
  • SETO Xpect2 LED module lens optics
  • Optimum handling thanks to low weight and compact dimensions
  • Overhead operation possible thanks to integrated changing bolts
Item no: 1410001603

Extreme performance, extreme energy efficiency and extreme robustness – the new XLD-C COMPACT compresses all of these outstanding features of the proven ALDEBARAN® XLD 2-C in an extremly handy form. The compact dimensions and low weight ensure even better handling during assembly and transport. Thanks to its innovative construction with an integradet changing bolt, the XLD-C COMPACT can not only be used upright or suspended, but also overhead.
The XLD-C COMPACT represents the essence of the XLD SERIES: Extremly powerful in every respect and at the same time flexible and quick to use. The wear-andmaintenance-free LED technology works completly without active cooling components, which ensures maximum efficiency and reliability in use.


Datenblatt(ca. 0,7 MB)
(DAT_XLD-C COMPACT_DE_Rev 01.5_A++.pdf)
Datasheet(ca. 0,6 MB)
(DAT_XLD-C COMPACT_EN_Rev 01.3_A++.pdf)
Konformitätserklärung(ca. 0,4 MB)
(EU-Konformitätserklärung_Photobiologische Sicherheit_XLD-C COMPACT_09.19.pdf)
Konformitätserklärung(ca. 0,4 MB)
(EU-Konformitätserklärung_XLD COMPACT_XLD-C COMPACT_03.19.pdf)
Konformitätserklärung(ca. 0,4 MB)
(EU-Konformitätserklärung_XLD COMPACT_XLD-C COMPACT_10.18.pdf)
IK10_Konformitätserklärung_XLD COMPACT_10.18.pdf(ca. 0,3 MB)
(IK10_Konformitätserklärung_XLD COMPACT_10.18.pdf)
IK10_Konformitätserklärung_XLD-C COMPACT_03.19.pdf(ca. 0,3 MB)
(IK10_Konformitätserklärung_XLD-C COMPACT_03.19.pdf)
Gebrauchsanleitung / Instruction for use(ca. 1,0 MB)
(MAN_ XLD-C COMPACT_DE EN_Rev 01.1.pdf)

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