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The life time of the illuminants is about 50,000 hours which makes an illuminant replacement nearly unneccessary. The shock-proof housing is made of an antistatic plastic and is dust- and water-proof (IP67). The lens consists of 5 mm thick, specially hardened glass.

The hand lamp has matchless electronics, manifold functions and and an exceptionally robust construction. The latest electronics protect the battery from deep discharge and warns when the battery capacity is low. This happens by flashing a light beam when just a rest capacity of 20-30 minutes is available. Zone 0 and zone 1 are also available with emergency light or flashing feature. The new IL800 LED ATEX is compatible with an ILC charger and is completely charged within 5.5 hours.

Furthermore, the IL800 can also be equipped with CRI -90+ LEDs.

MICA IL800 luminaires are certified by the TÜV. Supreme quality is guaranteed with ISO 9001:2008 compliant quality system and specially Zone 0 certified manufacturing process.



Picture Product Item no.:

Ladegerät ILC

Charger ILC
For grid charging 230 V AC


Power supply IL2
230 V incl. adapter for chargers

Cigarette charger cable
3 m for 12 to 40 V DC connection with screwed connector and reverse polarity



Supply cable
For vehicle charging, 3 m for 12 to 30 V DC connection
with screwed connector and reverse polarity protection


ILC 5-Way Charging station, TYPE ILC5
With integrated power supply, made
of black powder-coated aluminium profile (standard version)
Type IL800 Zone 0 IL800 Zone 1
Illuminant 3 High Power LED 3 High Power LED
Luminous flux approx. Highest power: 200 lm
Lowest power: 80 lm 
Highest power: 200 lm
Lowest power: 80 lm
Life time approx. 50.000 hrs 50.000 hrs
Operating time approx. Highest performance: 6 hrs
Lowest performance: 12 hrs
Highest performance: 6 hrs
Lowest performence: 12 hrs
Flashing performence: 12 hrs
Battery NiMH 6 V NiMH 6 V
Charging time 5,5 hrs 5,5 hrs
Housing Antistatic polypropylene Antistatic polypropylene
Lens Hardened glass Hardened glass
Ambient temperature -20 °C to +40 °C -20 °C to +40 °C
Dimension (LxBxH) approx. 121 x 121 x 216 mm 121 x 121 x 216 mm
Weight approx. 1.100 g 1.100 g
IP code IP67 IP67
Item-No.: 40__117501 40__117511
Item-No.: Emergency light function (em) 40__117502EM 40__117512
Item-No.: Flashing function - 40__117513

For charging, a power supply IL2 (item no. 40__112700) and the charger ILC (item no. 40__112300) is needed. 

Technical modifications and errors excepted.

Type Item-No. Action
IL800 Zone 0 40__117501
IL800 Zone 0 emergency light function 40__117502EM
IL800 Zone 1 40__117511
IL800 Zone 1 emergency light function 40__117512
IL800 Zone 1 flashing function 40__117513
Charger ILC 40_112300
Power supply IL2 40_112700
Cigarette charger cable 40__001112
Supply cable 40__001113
ILC 5-Way Charging station 40__112305
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