ALE Set X1 – Autonomous Lighting Equipment Set SETO Combat X1

  • Incl. 3 SETO COMBAT X2
  • Threefold Lampholder
  • Air-cushioned tripod (2.4 m), 5 kg head load
  • Transport bag
  • Power bank function
Item no: 1410001250

The SETO ALE SET consists of the field-proven SETO COMBAT lights, a stable telescopic stand made of lightweight aluminum, and a convenient carrying bag. It has been specially developed for all situations that require an autonomous lighting equipment.
By the various adjustable light colors, and the dimmable in several stages brightness while flexible orientation of the lamps on the stand almost any environment can be illuminated for use according. A great advantage of SETO ALE SET is that it is ready to use without any external power source. Furthermore, the lights can also be used independently from the tripod, it should not require the application conditions.
Low weight and compact dimensions of the stowable in practical pocket SETO ALE SET complete the package. Special feature: you can use to charge a mobile phone or other equipment, the lights as a power bank!


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