Ultra FLEX service-pack for ALDEBARAN® FLEX

  • For
  • FLEX LED Compact 600
  • FLEX LED Compact 600 BASIC
  • FLEX LED 360 IP 65
  • FLEX 640
  • Duration of warranty extension: 3 years

The Ultraflex service package for your ALDEBARAN® 360 ° Flex means for you maximum flexibility and security. With the purchase, you earn for a prolonged total three-year warranty, on the other hand an optimal protection for your product within this time: Your lamp is damaged? No problem, we entrust immediately to pick up your ALDEBARAN® 360 FLEX and send you parallel an equivalent replacement for the duration of the repair to. * It does not matter whether their light was damaged by foreign influence ** whether a technical defect or if you happened accidentally damage itself. Regardless of the cause of damage you receive a replacement product from us for the duration of repair. Furthermore, we assume all shipping costs ***

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