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The ALDEBARAN® GLADIUS 2K has an integrated cable reel for the 10 meter long connection cable as well as an integrated carrying handle and a DIN pin receptacle at the bottom.
This makes the ALDEBARAN® GLADIUS 2K the universal lighting tool and an efficient replacement for conventional halogen lamps.

The new SETO XPECT2 LED lens system makes a high range for search operations possible, as well as extensive illuminations of near range. This is the case without any scattering losses.

The integrated SETO LifeView system provides a more natural color reproduction and an optimal performance even in adverse weather conditions. In this case, different light colors are mixed admirably in order to achieve optimized reproduction of the environment.



  •  Glare-free XPECT2-LED lens optics(reduces scattering losses and glare effectively )
  •  SETO LiveView colour mixing system for optimum performance in any weather
  •  Around 85% reduction of power consumption compared with a 2,000 watts halogen spotlight
  • Low weight and compact
Input voltage 100 - 240 V AC 50/60 HZ
Power consumption 160 W
Luminous flux (REAL Lumen*) approx. 23.000 lm
Beam angle
(focal point)
60 Grad (4000°K) Weit
25 Grad (5700°K) Spot
CRI > 70
Illuminant Xpect2 LED Modul (2x)
Life time 50.000 h
Ambient temperature -25 °C bis +40 °C
Dimensions 328 x 339 x 169 mm
Weight (incl. cable) approx. 6,5 kg
Connection cable / plug 10 m, H07RN-F 3G1.5 / Schuko IP68 blau
Integrated bolt reception Ja
Installation on the floor. -
Integrated cable rewind Ja
Art.-Nr.: 1410001311
* Lumen = Lm / in the "Lumen REAL" is REAL measured light output quantiities.

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