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Signs of fatigue by insufficient illumination is finally a thing of the past with the use of the ALDEBARAN® CRAFTSMAN LAMP because the blinding- and shadow-free light is optimal for illumination, even under rough conditions. Also, the attributes typical for the ALDEBARAN® SERIES like robustness and a long life time label this craftsman light because it is important to us that our products withstand the permanent use under extreme conditions.

Just like with the work light of the ALDEBARAN® 1000 SERIES the illuminant has a life time of 20,000hours and (verifiably) replaces in the 2x55W version a 500W halogen light, but without causing blinding effects. Another specialty is the 2,5m extended H07BQF special cable which is now 7,5m long, in contrast to the work light. This so-called PUR cable with kink protection is extremely robust and withstands sharp edges and rough floors.

WIth the extended range of action, a carried along cable reel is obsolete, also because another load can be connected directly to the lamp, so that time and space can be safed.

Please note that we offer you a 3-years-warranty, contrary to the two years usual in this sector.

Your contribution to climate protection:

The topic of environmental protection has been important to us since its beginning. With the used compact flourescent tubes, energy savings of up to 75% can be achieved compared to a halogen spotlight. At the same time, the luminous efficiacy stays the same or is even higher. With the LED technology, which is becoming more and more important, the energy consumption can be reduced in the future, whereby the company SETOLITE is leading in this segment as well with its products.

Picture Product Item no.:

Magnethalerung ALDEBARAN 4000A LED 9W & 18W

Magnet holder
with leadscews for powdered housing

Universal holder
with leadscrews for powdered housing


for fixing of the universal holder on



ALDEBARAN 4000A LED 18W Magnethalterung

Nylon fixing strap
for later addition with plastic clip lock and additional metal clamp
(Set = 2 pcs.)

Lenght: 1.200mm - Width: 20mm



Verlcro strap fixing
(Band) for fixing on holding rods in tents
(Set = 2 pcs.)

Lenght: 500mm - Width: 50mm


Replacement magnet


Illuminant TCL/840 2x36W TCL/840 2x55W
Ballast VVG EVG
Luminous flux 5.800 lm 9.600 lm
Rated current/230V approx. 0,86 A 0,5 A
Equal to a bulb of approx. 500 W 750 W
Life time approx. 20.000 h 20.000 h
Dimensions (L x W x H) approx. 485 x 190 x 145 mm 610 x 190 x 145 mm
Weight approx. 3,6 kg 4,2 kg
Operating voltage 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz
Item no. 1410230011 1410230012


Type Item-No. Action
ALDEBARAN 1000 CRAFTSMAN LAMP 2x36W 1410230011
ALDEBARAN 1000 CRAFTSMAN LAMP 2x55W/E 1410230012
Magnet holder 1410993421
Universal holder 1410993420
Leadscrew 1410000203
Nylon fixing strap 1410000206
Verlcro strap fixing 1410000204
Replacement magnet 1410000205
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