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The ALDEBARAN® 1000 EXIT contains an integrated emergency lighting module, features a built-in self-test function, as well as a case-mounted button. The automatic mains failure control may be interrupted by this switch.

The light is powered by standard 230V power supply and is suitable for permanent operation. In case of any mains failure or any interruptions of the power supply, the ALDEBARAN® 1000 EXIT guarantees a continuing operation by switching automatically to the emergency power mode. The integrated battery is designed to supply power (in the emergency mode) for about 3 hours. The Exit Light switches automatically to the standard power supply as soon as this is available. The battery is charged again.


Operating voltage 220 - 230 V AC
Rated current 0,03 A
Illuminant T5 6 W / 640 EL
Luminous flux approx. 270 lm
Lifetime approx. 20.000 h
Burn time emergency approx. 3 h
Battery NiCd 3,6 V / 4 Ah
Weight approx. 2,6 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) approx. 300 x 145 x 190 mm
Item-No. 1410230106


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ALDEBARAN 1000 EXIT 1410230106
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