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Product features

  • The lamp optionally operates through external power supply or through the built-in battery. The Master Version only illuminates with one LED on battery mode.
  • Emergency Light Function: In case of power blackout the system immediately switches to battery power. Additional on- and off switch.
  • Sensing device for dimming function 10-100% (only at external power supply). On battery mode the lamp operates constantly with about 70% of maximum power.
  • Integrated charger status indication, charges the battery as soon as the lamp is connected to power.
  • Master / Slave Version: The Master Version with Emergency Light Function switches the integrated electrical outlet and the slave lamp. Both lamps are dimmable separately.

This luminaire is equipped with an additional Li-Ion high-temperature battery, which provides lighting for at least two hours in
the event that no power supply is available or has failed.
In the event of a power failure, battery operation is switched automatically (emergency lighting function).

By using a lithium-ion battery, the luminaire is only slightly heavier than the standard version. The dimming function is electronically controlled
by a single switch, the last setting being stored. The dimming function is not availabe in the battery mode. In the „master“ version the luminaire is configured in such a way
that additional consumers can be connected and switched on and off simultaneously.
In the battery mode, only one LED is used.

Picture Product Item no.


ALDEBARAN 4000A LED 18W Magnethalterung

Nylon fixing strap
for later addition with plastic clip lock and additional metal clamp
(Set = 2 pcs.)

Lenght: 1.200mm - Width: 20mm

Type LED 36W LED 36W EM
Light source 4 x 9 W LED Array 4 x (1) 9 W LED Array
Luminous Flux approx. 2.800 (2000) lm 2.800 (700) lm
Working Current 0,25 A 0,25 A
Lifetime approx. 50.000 h 50.000 h
Dimension (L x W x H) 700 x 200 x 135 mm 700 x 200 x 135 mm
Weight approx. 5,5 kg 5,3 kg
Colour temperature 4000 K 4000 K
Battery / Capacity 2x Li-Ion, 66 Wh 1x Li-Ion, 33 W
Operating Time (Battery) > 2 h > 2 h
Operating temperature -25 °C up to +50 °C -25 °C up to +50 °C
Luminous flux backup power 70% 25 %
Specialty Dimmable 10-100%,
On- & Off switch
Item No. 14PLLED63WA 14PLLED67WA

*(deviating data in brackets)

Type Item-No. Action
Nylon fixing strap 1410000206
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