IL800 LED ATEX Zone 0 w. 3 LEDs

  • For use in ATEX zones
  • Rechargeable
  • Dust and waterproof
  • Also available with emergency light function
  • TÜV certified
Item no: 40__117501

The MICA IL800 LED ATEX has powerful electronics, versatile features and an extremely robust construction, ideal for the explosion-proof area. The lamp life is 50,000 hours, which virtually rules out relamping.
The impact-resistant housing is made from an antistatic plastic and is dust- and watertight (IP67). The lens consists of a 5 mm thick, especially tempered glass. The flashlight has versatile functions and an extremely robust construction.
The latest electronics protects the battery from deep discharge and warns when the battery is low. This is done by flashing the light beam when only a residual capacity for about 20-30 minutes is available. Zone 0 and Zone 1 are also available with emergency light or flashing mode.
The IL800 LED is compatible with the ILC charger and will fully charged within about 5.5 hours. Furthermore, the it can also be equipped with CRI 90+ LEDs.
MICA IL800 TUV lamps are certified and adapted by a specially certified manufacturing process on for the zone 0th
Please note: In order to charge you need the power supply IL2 (SKU 40__112700) and the charger ILC (SKU 40__112300).


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