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The „safelight“ for the mobile use

It is nothing new that light equals safety. With the introduction of the 4000A X SERIES, we greatly paid attention to the aspect of work safety and the maximum usability.
The strenghts of the 4000A X luminaires such as hour-long, cableless operation, homogeneous and glare-free light proved worthy, even under hardest operating conditions. With the 4000A X1 SIGNAL SERIES, we created a new generation of professional lights that pay special attention to the topic of safety.

With a specially developed LED array, the 4000A X1 SIGNAL lights not only capable to produce homogeneous, white working light, but also can be switched to a colourful flashing light.

This signalling light belongs to the strongest signalling light sources that are available in the form of a hand light. Usually, common mobile lights treat their colourful signalling function rather shabbily with signalling light power of one to three Watts. The X1 SIGNAL lights are capable of producing its signalling light with the same power (up to 12 Watts) as the powerful working light. The difference is clearly visible and perceptible even over great distances. Because the right light can save lives.

With a great variety of accessories like vehicle fixture, carrying handle, vehicle charger, magnet fixtures, stands etc., you are equipped for all cases and situations with the 4000A X SERIES.


  • Extremely robust, because the luminaire body is made of plane aluminium
  • Impact-resistant diffusing lens made of polycarbonate
  • Non-slip, rubberized operating elements that can be operated without problems even with gloves
  • High-quality lithium ion technology provides stable power through all temperature fields


  • Glare-free, homogeneous light production via high-power LED area arrays.
  • High-power signalling light function for maximum safety and visibility
  • The SETO SAFE LIGHT system avoids glaring in the long term and therefore the „seeing of bright spots afterwards“ in contrast to other LED light sources
  • Light power of the working light steplessly adjustable and therefore ready for every situation


  • Operation possible with integrated batteries and/or the charger provided with the delivery
  • Early recognition of low battery capacity via Low Battery Message System (LBMS)
  • Integrated „Take Me Home“ feature makes finding the luminaire in the dark possible
  • Great accessory variety for optional use like vehicle charging, magnet fixtures, stand fixtures etc. 
Picture Product Item.-Nr.:
Magnethalerung Magnet holder
with leadscews for powdered housing 
Universal holder
with leadscrews for powdered housing

Vehicle Charger
Input voltage 12-24 V DC | Output voltage 16,8 V DC / 0,5 A DC | Cable length 1,2 m



Carrying Handle 1410993424
Wall Holder 1410993425
TYP X1 Traffic 33Wh X1 Traffic 66Wh X1 Police 33Wh X1 Police 66Wh X1 Rescue 33Wh X1 Rescue 66Wh
Illuminant DUAL LED-Array-Technology DUAL LED-Array-Technology DUAL LED-Array-Technology
Luminos flux approx (white) 100%* 1.100 lm 1.100 lm 1.100 lm
Luminous flux (colour) 100% 594 nm (orange) 463 nm (blue) 626 nm (red)
Running time (white) 100% 3 h 6h 3 h 6h 3 h 6h
Running time (white) 15%* 19 h 38 h 19 h 38 h 19 h 38 h
Running time signal mode (colored) 8 h 16 h 8 h 16 h 8 h 16 h
Colour temperature approx. (white) 5000 K 5000 K 5000 K
Life time approx. DUAL LED Array 50.000 h 50.000 h 50.000 h
CRI (white) >70 >70 >70
General data  
Input voltage white/color 12 W 12 W 12 W
Battery LI-ION 33Wh LI-ION 66Wh LI-ION 33Wh LI-ION 66Wh LI-ION 33Wh LI-ION 66Wh
Charging time (2A charger) 2 h 4 h 2 h 4 h 2 h 4 h
IP Code IP 54 IP 54 IP 54
Dimensions (LxWxH) approx. 267 x 120 x 145 mm 267 x 120 x 145 mm 267 x 120 x 145 mm
Weight approx. 1,05 kg 1,25 kg 1,05 kg 1,25 kg 1,05 kg 1,25 kg
Ambiet temperature -30 °C to +40°C -30 °C to +40°C -30 °C to +40°C
Features                     stepless dimming (white light), signal mode (colored), charger is included in delivery (230V)
Item-No.: 1440800060 1440800061 1440800062 1440800063 1440800064 1440800065

*Is according to the maximum lighting duration on the lowest level
Product descriptions and specifications, as well as availability are subject to change without notice. Errors excepted.

Type Item-No. Action
X1 Traffic 33Wh (orange) 1440800060
X1 Traffic 66Wh (orange) 1440800061
X1 Police 33Wh (blue) 1440800062
X1 Police 66Wh (blue) 1440800063
X1 Rescue 33Wh (red) 1440800064
X1 Rescue 66Wh (red) 1440800065
Magnet Holder 1410993421
Universal holder 1410993420
Vehicle charger 49_002246
Carrying handle 1410993424
Wall holder 1410993425
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