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Product Features

  • No need to replace illuminants
  • Capacity display and switch for accumulatorot battery operation
  • Optimised electronics for longer standby
  • Can be used as a signalling light as well
  • Indentations for secure grip, even with gloves

The train driver light with rechargeable or normal battery operation ensures bright, homogeneous and large-scale illumination, which is similar to daylight. The light ensures optimum
color reproduction to perform all safety-related inspections around the locomotive.

The ON / OFF switch is designed so that the light can not be turned on accidentally. The red light for securing unrestricted level crossings can only be activated after the white light has been switched on so that
unconscious false signalization is not possible. The TRAIN DRIVER LIGHT ML200 DB LED can be operated with both a rechargeable and normal battery. To read the capacity correctly, you can select the battery or
rechargeable battery mode with the white switch.

Type ML200 LED-DB
Illuminant (white) 1 W LED
Illuminant 12 x 0,07 W LED (red)
Luminous flux (white) approx. 75 lm
Life time illuminant approx. 100.000 h
Operating duration approx. 15 h
Batteries 6 x Mignon AA LR6 / 1,5 V
Operating temperature -15 °C to +60 °C
Dimensions approx. 120 x 70 x 40 mm
Weight approx. 250 g (without batteries)
IP code IP44
Item no. 30__000021
Type Item-No. Action
ML200 LED DB 30__000021
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