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  • Portable, light and handy to carry
  • Weight savings of 20% compared to conventional rubber distributors
  • Weathering and aging resistant
  • Shock resistant, sturdy plastic housing
  • Fully insulated
  • IP44 splash-proof, protection class II

These compact, robust, and stackable distributors are used to power mostly handheld power tools. The energy distributors are made of a sturdy, impact-resistant plastic housing in RAL 2000 yellow-orange and are splash-proof. The distributors are very light and handy, but at the same time weather and aging resistant. Up to 3 distributors can be easily stacked without tools, so you can work in confined spaces to save space.


Pictures Product Item no.

Base frame for distribution box
Base frame made of galvanized steel
Dimensions (HxWxD) approx: 1060x500x800mm
Type E-BOX 32A / 1-2-6
Dimensions (HxBxT) ca. 430 x 430 x 280 mm
Connection cable 22 kVA 
Infeed 1x CEE-Stecker 32A 5p, 400V
FI 1x FI 40A / 0,03A
LSS 2x LSS 16A 3p-C
3x LSS 16A 1p-C
Equipped with 2x CEE, 16A, 5p, 400V
1x CEE, 32A, 5p, 400V
6x Schuko, 16A, 250V
Weight 8 kg
IP Class IP44
Item no. 1410003421



Type Item-No. Action
DISTRIBUTOR E-BOX 32A / 1-2-6 1410003421
Base frame for distribution box 1410925098
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