Quick battery charger MLC 12-30 V DC

  1. Lichtstrom (real): lm
  2. CRI:
  3. Gehäuse: Kunststoff
  4. Abmessungen: 142 x 83 x 22 mm
  5. Gewicht: 0,17 kg
  6. Betriebsdauer (Höchste Stufe): h
  7. Betriebsdauer (Niedrigste Stufe): h
Item no: 40__114480

170 g

The terminal voltage of the charger is 12 ... 24 V / DC, and is thus provided for the car load. You must have the 3m cigarette lighter cable (Item number: 40__001112) or alternatively the supply cable with open ends (SKU 40__001113). Would you like to operate the charger to the house mains (230V), so you also need dasNetzteil IL2.

Technische Daten

Charge Time2,5 h