Product features

  1. Pre-configured 10“ control tablet for SETO REMOTE lights incl. outdoor protective cover
Item no: 1410001409

The ALDEBARAN® REMOTE TECNOLOGY (ART) allows * how to manage them equipped ALDEBARAN® lights via phone / tablet from afar. The outdoor range is up to about 50 meters **. The groups controlling lights is possible. Here, the range of the control signal in addition increases with each lamp as each lamp also works as a repeater for the signal. Here, all the functions of the lamp *** also via app are almost use. The ALDEBARAN®® REMOTE Technology (ART) also allows for devices of different design to operate with each other and, optionally, separately or in groups to switch (Provided that it is about the respective 'REMOTE' versions). Lamps, which are equipped with the REMOTE Technology, are at any time, of course, completely manually operated. * Requires a smartphone / tablet with Apple iOS or Android operating system and Bluetooth 4.0 hardware (or higher) with BT LE (low Energy) support. ** Depending on the used tablet / smartphone ** * Controllable functions depend on the particular technical device type. For reasons it may be that features a light via ART are available only in part.

Technical Data

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