Set of 4 Light-Directing Modules for large ALDEBARAN® 360 GRAD FLEX Lamps

    Item no: 1410001468-SET

    The LIGHT DIRECTION MODULES, developed by SETOLITE, are used for glare-reduced lighting of night construction sites, eg. On highways, in front of the individual luminaire elements of the ALDEBARAN® 360 GRAD FLEX. As a result, a motorist can barely see into the very bright light source and therefore pass through the construction site without irritation, while the construction site personnel can still perform all necessary work in the lighted working area of the construction site with full light output. The photometric measurement of the „ALDEBARAN® 360 GRAD FLEX LED 960“ at the BASt (Federal Highway Research Institute) has shown that the luminaire with the attached 4 LIGHT DIRECTION MODULES meets the high requirements for glare-reduced illumination of the workstation and traffic area in an angle of attack range of 15° to 25°.

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    Series360 GRAD FLEX
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