Seto Claymore Heady+

  1. Stirn-, Decken- oder Klemmleuchte
  2. 1/4“-Gewinde für Stative
  3. Winkel-Einstellung: 4-stufig, bis zu 90°
  4. Lichtfunktionen: Ladestandsanzeige, SOS, Stufenlose Dimmung
  5. Sechs Lichtmodi
  6. Kompaktes und leichtes Gehäuse
  7. Leistungsaufnahme: W
  8. Lichtstrom (real): lm
  9. Farbtemperatur: 3200 / 4500 / 5700 K
  10. Temperatur (min): °C
  11. Temperatur (max): °C
  12. Gewicht: 0,104 kg
Item no: 1424000032

104 g

The SETO CLAYMORE HEADY + impresses with its many possibilities for use. Through the included headband it is ideal for use during maintenance and repair work, or as a practical lamp for outdoor activities.
The built-in hook and the included clip expand the uses many times. The SETO CLAYMORE HEADY + has also a 1/4“' thread for attachment to commercially available tripods. A Li-ion battery provides the light for up to 70 h with power and is the built-in Micro-USB connector in 6 h fully charged.
With a beam length of about 150 is the SETO CLAYMORE HEADY + well equipped.

Technische Daten

LuminantXLamp XP-G3
Luminous Flux600 lm
Colour Temperature3200 / 4500 / 5700 K

Operating Time (High Level)4 h
Operating Time (Low Level)70 h
Charge Time5 h
ChargerMicro USB (optional)


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Datenblatt(ca. 0,8 MB)
Datasheet(ca. 0,8 MB)
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