• versatile, tactical head lamp
  • different light modes
  • dimmable
  • up to 230 lumen
  • 2-12 h battery life
  • only 30g light
Item no: 1424000033

30 g

Feather-light and laser-bright – thanks to its outstanding tactical properties, the SETO CLIPLIGHT ONE is a valuable companion for every application.

In use, every gram counts that does not have to be carried. The SETO CLIPLIGHT replaces both flashlights and headlamps and thus not only saves weight, but also the equipment to be carried along. The robust housing made of lightweight high-performance plastic combined with the lithium ion battery technology ensures extremely low weight with long-term light availability.

The different light outlets forward or downward allow the use as a headlight, as a hand lamp or even as a small area light. If less light output is required, the SETO CLIPLIGHT can also be dimmed simply by holding down the power button. In addition, an SOS function is integrated: Once activated, the light flashes with full force permanently in the international SOS rhythm.

For attachment, the lamp is simply plugged in at any point with a swiveling clip and holds securely with its low weight. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it fits easily into any operational outfit.