SETO CRANESTAR 20k; High Performance LED Floodlight for Large Area Lighting

  • Maintenance-free LED technology
  • Up to 70% energy savings
  • SETO XPECT LED lens system to avoid stray light and light pollution
  • Luminous Flux: 118.600 lm
  • Luminous Flux (real): 110.000 lm
  • Power Consumption: 720 W
  • Colour Temperature: 5.000 K
  • CRI: >70
  • IP Class: IP65
  • Weight: 17 kg
  • Angle Adjustment: 240° turnable in 8° steps
  • Backup Cable: yes
Item no: 1424000042-A

17 kg

Crane emitters of SETO CRANE STAR SERIES upgrading of construction cranes on the latest LED technology is now cost-effectively and in exchange possible.
The focus in designing this crane lights was on the essential: As much light where it is needed, with the lowest possible energy consumption in construction site quality suitable. The result is an Area Lights without compromise and with clever details.
The CRANE STAR floodlights takes on the familiar from ALDEBARAN® CRANE MASTER SERIES fall arrest safety, the spotlight can also easily raise at. An angular scale allows the targeted alignment of the LED emitter. And its high impact strength and water resistance he faces hostile environments with ease.
The efficiency-enhancing LED avoids lens technology unwanted stray light and thanks to intelligent design realized a very low weight and compact dimensions, which also benefits the construction logistics.

Technical Data

Luminant6x SETO Xpect LED Modul
Luminous Flux118.600 lm
Luminous Flux (real)110.000 lm
Colour Temperature5.000 K
Durability50.000 h
Beam Angle60 °
Input Voltage400/230 V
Mains Frequency50/60 Hz
Type of CurrentAC
Power Consumption720 W
Protection ClassI
Temperature (max)50 °C
Dimensions380x650x140 mm
Weight17 kg
Angle Adjustment240° turnable in 8° steps
Backup Cableyes
IP ClassIP65
Impact ResistanceIK08
PlugCEE 16A 400V 5p IP67
Product description and technichal data, as well as availability can be changed without notice. Technical changes and errors reserved!


> SETO crane frame T-P, steel galvanized
The SETO crane galvanized steel frame for mounting of radiators of construction cranes is for profile diameter of 40 – mm suitable 130th The socket pins with safety permit any time a quick and safe installation. A shadow mask on the mounting-bracket also allows it and the slopes, the luminaire.
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The SETO CRANE FRAME for crane jibs is designed so that it fits all jibs of top-slewing and bottom-slewing cranes from well-known manufacturers.It enables the inclusion of high-performance crane lights from the SETO STAR and SETO CRANESTAR series.This guarantees the best view below the crane boom at all times.
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The SETO CRANE FRAME for crane jibs with square profiles is specially designed for use on jibs whose cross struts are made from square profiles. As there is no need for compatibility with round bars, the result is a significantly simpler construction that not only saves space and weight but also costs and is just …
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> Extension cable CEE.16A.WD 25 m H07RN-F 5G2.5 with CEE-plug 5 p 400 V 16 A IP67 and CEE-coupling 5
Extension CEE.16A.WD 25 m H07RN-F 5G2.5 with CEE plug 5p 400V 16A IP67 and CEE coupling 5p 400V 16A IP67
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> Extension cable "CEE.16A.WD" 40 m H07RN-F 5G2.5 with CEE-plug 5 p 400 V 16 A IP67 and CEE-coupling 5
Extension “CEE.16A.WD” 40 m H07RN-F 5G2.5 with CEE plug 5p 400V 16A IP67 and CEE coupling 5p 400V 16A IP67
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Gebrauchsanleitung / Instruction for use(ca. 1,3 MB)
Datenblatt(ca. 0,4 MB)
(DAT_CRANESTAR_DE - Rev 03.4.pdf)
Datenblatt(ca. 0,4 MB)
(DAT_CRANESTAR_EN - Rev 03.4.pdf)