Product features

  1. Extremely bright
  2. Highly robust and flexible
  3. Fluorescent (glows in the dark)
  4. Suitable for outdoor applications
  5. Mounting accessories available
Item no: 1428003040

4.79 kg
IP65 (Stecker: IP44) IP CODE

The SETO LED SNAKE SAFE WAY series minimises the effort for temporary construction path lighting. Long corridors or staircases and lift shafts can be illuminated with the LED rope lights within a very short time.

For this purpose, the flexible and highly robust LED rope light is simply rolled out and attached to the ceiling of a corridor with clips or reversible adhesive tape, or suspended in the stairwell. Depending on the size of the area to be illuminated, several ropes can also be combined so that the required illumination is always achieved (total length not more than 50 metres, not more than 600 watts power consumption per connection cable).

Thanks to the high power of 12 watts per metre, distributed over 180 LEDs per metre, the LED rope lights of the SETO LED SNAKE SAFE WAY series achieve a previously unattained luminous intensity. This is homogeneously distributed in the area to be illuminated thanks to the slight diffusion of the rope material.

With the help of a special fluorescent additive in the sheath of the SETO LED SNAKE SAFE WAY, it glows even after the power is switched off. This means that it is still visible for some time even in the dark and provides orientation in an emergency.

Technical Data

Colour Temperature5.000 K
Input Voltage230 V
Mains Frequency50/60 Hz
Type of CurrentAC
Power Consumption300 W
Protection ClassII
Model25/300 - SAFE WAY
Temperature (max)45 °C
Dimensions15x8 mm
Weight4,79 kg
Temperature (min)-20 °C
SeriesLED Snake
Product description and technichal data, as well as availability can be changed without notice. Technical changes and errors reserved!


SETO LED SNAKE connection cable 1,5m + connector
Replacement connection cable for SETO LED-SNAKE, Schuko plug IP44/54, quick-release fastener with waterproof rotary ring for connection to LED hose
Item no. 1428003020
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SETO LED SNAKE, end caps
End cap for securely closing shortened LED hoses, end cap is filled with silicone and placed on the shortened hose 
Item no. 1428003023
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SETO LED SNAKE, Pin Connector
Connection pin for connecting to T-piece or replacement connector 
Item no. 1428003024
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SETO LED SNAKE, T-connector
Connection option for two LED hoses, ATTENTION: Additional accessories are required, connection is IP0
Item no. 1428003022
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SETO LED SNAKE clips (Screw-on)
Plastic clip for form-fitting attachment of light tubes from the SETO LED SNAKE series, screw connection with standard screws possible
Item no. 1428003021
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SETO LED SNAKE emergency power supply
The SETO LED SNAKE emergency power module is the ultimate solution for your rope-light illumination in the event of a power failure! This compact and lightweight module is changing the world of LED lights, making it easier than ever to have reliable lighting available when you need it most. In the event of a power …
Item no. 1428003029
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