Product features

  1. Extremely fast installation
  2. Strong and homogeneous illumination
  3. Compact and safe storage
  4. Fast dismantling
  5. Robust and waterproof
Item no: 1428003050

2.0 kg
IP65 (Anschluss: IP44) IP CODE

Quickly set up and just as quickly stowed away - the LED SNAKE EASY is an extremely dynamic lighting tool.

Light tubes revolutionize the way construction site lighting is set up. That's because this technology distributes an extremely large amount of light in the smallest of installation spaces and makes it ultra-flexible to use.

The LED SNAKE EASY takes exactly these features and adds the ability to quickly rewind them on a small, compact drum and store them in a space-saving and protected manner.

This light is ideal for the craftsman and can also illuminate several rooms at the same time by simply placing it around the corner.

Technical Data

Luminous Flux (real)5.000 lm
Colour Temperature5.000 K
Input Voltage230 V
Mains Frequency50/60 Hz
Type of CurrentAC
Power Consumption70 W
Protection ClassII
ModelEASY 10/70
Temperature (max)45 °C
Dimensions384 x 340 x 45 mm
Weight2,0 kg
Temperature (min)-20 °C
SeriesLED Snake
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