mit integr. 12/24 V KFZ Lader

  1. Leuchtmittel: 30 x High Power LED
  2. Schutzart: IP54
  3. Betriebsdauer (Höchste Stufe): 8 h
  4. Betriebsdauer (Niedrigste Stufe): 33 h
  5. Ladezeit: 9 h
  6. Inkl. 4x Quick-Lock-Verlängerungsstange
  7. Verschiedene Leuchtmodi (Blink, SOS, DIM, Diffusionsscheibe)
  8. Inkl. KFZ Lader
  9. Leistungsaufnahme: 43 W
  10. Lichtstrom (real): 1000-4000 lm
  11. Farbtemperatur: 6.500 K
  12. Temperatur (min): °C
  13. Temperatur (max): °C
  14. Gewicht: 11,8 kg
Item no: 73__100006

11.8 kg

These high-performance light represents the state of the mobile LED technology. It is robust, virtually to handle maintenance-free and easy.
The head of the lamp consists of 30 high-efficiency LEDs that provide the user with a radiantly bright light and are ideally suited for the illumination of workplaces. The fully focusable three-stage optics make access this light it a versatile and reliable companion.
The SETO POWER LED is characterized by an impact-resistant polymer housing and the processed inside steel parts, which ensure the entire apparatus in this combination a high safety.
Thanks to the integrated 'Quicklock' -Verlängerungsstangen, the lamp head can be increased in a short time so that the SETO POWER LED is good for large area illumination. These interlocking rods enable a very simple yet stable system that is rapidly deployable and can be stored in the device itself.
In addition, the SETO POWER LED has a pair of folding legs, which make the light unit to an effective tripod system and provide additional stability is required without the need for additional equipment.

Technische Daten

Luminant30 x High Power LED
Luminous Flux (real)1000-4000 lm
Colour Temperature6.500 K
Durability50.000 h

Input Voltage230 (AC) / 12 (DC) V
Type of CurrentAC/DC
Power Consumption43 W
Operating Time (High Level)8 h
Operating Time (Low Level)33 h
Operating Time (Blink Mode)110 h
Charge Time9 h
Charger2,7 A


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