Tripod – 4.58 m

Product features

  1. Incl. guy set
  2. Suitable for all common vehicle mounts
  3. Adjustable feet for level adjustment
  4. Standard spigot according to DIN 14640 for mounting headlights, bridges etc.
  5. Height: 4 m
  6. Weight: 13 kg
  7. Max. Payload: 25 kg
  8. Adaption: DIN bolt
Art.-Nr. 1410000323

13,5 kg

Simple tripod without attenuation and steel pushrods, from 1.12 m to max. 4.58 m extendable head kg load 25th It extended to a height of about 4.5 meters. The individual sections are fixed via clamping rings. The extendable feet are provided and can be extended with steel spikes that provide a stable platform. In addition, the total stand can be balanced by adjusting the height on the feet. In the first pushrod a DIN-BOLT 30 mm mounted captive. Preferably, this tripod is (THW like), but used for civil defense and police and fire. In the collapsed state, the tripod can be tied by means of a captive clamping strap.

Technical Data

Dimensions (Transport)1120 x 200 x 200 mm
Height4 m
Weight13 kg
Max. Payload25 kg
AdaptionDIN bolt
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