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Construction-Push Rod Stand

Product features

  • Extremly stable
  • Weighted by standard beacon foot plates
  • Particularly lightweight thanks to push rods made of GRP or aluminum
  • Securing of the foot plates by safety bar

Stable installation in the construction site area

Mobile positioning device made of sturdy and lightweight glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP), standing foot with safety bar made of aluminum, highest stability by equipping with K1 foot plates, incl. Integrated DIN pin


a. Push rod, pipes 60x60 – 30x30 mm
b. Bolt 30mm according to DIN14640
c. Standing foot aluminum for push rod stand 900x800x1000mm, for rectangular tube 60x60mm, stability class up to K8 (according to TL97), for up to 10 base plates K1
d. Safety bar for fixing the foot plates


Material Aluminium Aluminium
Max. height 4.3 m 5.5 m
Min. height 1.9 m 3 m
Max. top load 20 kg 20 kg
Weight push rods 12 kg 12 kg
Total weight 32 kg 32 kg
Fixation Wing nut (steel) Wing nut (steel)
Item no.: 1410000340 1410000341

Foot plate K1 800 x 400 x 100mm,  Weight approx 28 kg
Item no.: 1410000333

PDF icon Construction-Push Rod Stand Datasheet 692.14 KB
Type Item-No. Action
Construction-Push Rod Stand Aluminium 1410000340
Construction-Push Rod Stand Aluminium 1410000341
Foot plate 1410000333
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