Product features

  1. One foot height adjustable
  2. Housing and crank made of die-cast aluminium
  3. generously dimensioned ropes and tubes
  4. Max. Payload: 50 kg
  5. Height: max. 3,80 m
  6. Weight: 16,10 kg
  7. Max. Payload: 50 kg
  8. Adaption: Bolt Receiver
  9. Segments: 3
Item no: 1410000324

16.10 kg

The WIND-UP CRANK TRIPOD is a robust tripod suitable for a variety of applications, including mounting lighting, sound and video equipment. The tripod has a crank handle that allows the user to raise and lower a load of up to 50 kg to the desired height. The crank housing, made of sturdy die-cast aluminium, is durable and offers easy operation.

A practical feature of the WIND-UP CRANK TRIPOD is the length adjustment of one of the feet, which allows the user to compensate for uneven ground. This means that the tripod can be set up safely and stably on almost any surface. This is particularly useful in outdoor areas with uneven ground.

An important safety feature of the WIND-UP CRANK TRIPOD is the integrated safety catch in the crank housing. The pawl prevents accidental and uncontrolled lowering, ensuring that the load remains safely in the desired position.

The WIND-UP CRANK TRIPOD uses high quality cables and steel tubes that are generously dimensioned. This means that the tripod has a high load capacity and can carry a wide range of loads.

The WIND-UP CRANK TRIPOD is a high quality, reliable and versatile tripod suitable for a wide range of applications. It offers easy handling, high load capacity and excellent stability, making it an excellent choice for professional use, both mobile and stationary.

Technical Data

ModelWIND-UP Curbel Stative
Dimensions (Transport)260x185x1950 mm
Heightmax. 3,80 m
Weight16,10 kg
Max. Payload50 kg
AdaptionBolt Receiver
Feature1 foot can be extended
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Fastening-Set for Wind-Up
Fastening-Set for Wind-Up elevator tripod (consisting of: 3x guy rope 5m, 3x karabiner, 1x plate, tent pegs)
Item no. 1410000538
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