1. Ultrakompakt, ultrahell und leicht zu bedienen
  2. Dimmbar
  3. Optimale Lichtwirkung dank mehrstufig verstellbarem Winkel
  4. Kurze Auf- und Abbau-Zeiten ohne Abkühlphase
  5. inkl. drahtloser Lichtsteuerung für Android/iOS Smartphones/Tablets
  6. Lichtstrom (real): 85.000 lm
Item no: 1410001424

15 kg

Flexible lighting all around efficient - the new ALDEBARAN® 360 GRADFLEX-C 2.0 SERIES offers more of everything: more light, more flexibility, more security.
The introduced through the ALDEBARAN® 360 GRADFLEX SERIES quantum leap in high-performance large-area lighting will be systematically continued by the new 2.0 models. The patented adjusting system allows the angle of the ultra-bright LEDLichts efficiently to focus on the work area and to work with minimum energy consumption while largely avoiding scattered light - the light comes exactly at the point where it is needed.
Thanks to the new, integrated position authentication of the suspended operation is possible even without special accessories. The lighting segments are arranged in pairs (180 ° / 360 °) can be controlled via control box. Recent high-power LEDs produce here a gigantic luminous flux of up to 145,000 lumen1 - that is, depending on mounting height up to 15,000 m² is lit Fläche.2 The light intensity is continuously dimmable. Optional is also the wireless control via App possible.3 first time is the SETO CONNECT connection system Thus equipped, in the glow of ALDEBARAN® 360 GRADFLEX-C SERIES 2.0 verbaut.4, exchanging the lead succeed in no time. Screw-quick release fasteners allow exchange without personnel. One person manages the construction and dismantling of the luminaire thanks to integrated seat for the popular DIN pin in seconds.
Product features:
• Ultra-compact, ultra-light and easy to use
• Optimal lighting effect thanks to multi-stage adjustable angle
• Short erection and dismantling times without pre-cooling
• Space-saving transport thanks to integration of drivers and power supplies
• Up to 300% more light on the ground with less energy consumption than conventional lighting systems
• SETO CONNECT connection system

Technische Daten

Luminant4 x LED Module á 150W
Luminous Flux97.500 lm
Luminous Flux (real)85.000 lm
Colour Temperature5.000 K
Durability50.000 h

Input Voltage110-240 V
Mains Frequency50/60 Hz
Type of CurrentAC
Power Consumption600 W
Protection ClassI