• Interchangeable connection cable
  • Passive, wear-free cooling technology
  • Switchbox
  • Half-sided shiftable
  • Optimal handling thanks to low weight and compact dimensions
  • Overhead operation possible thanks to integrated interchangeable bolts
  • Incl. transport bag and lens
  • Luminous Flux (real): 40.000 lm
  • IP Class: IP65
  • Plug: Schuko IP68
Item no: 1410001603

8.5 kg

Much light and fastest build-up time are the key characteristics of the new ALDEBARAN® XLD (-C) COMPACT.

Like its big brother, the ALDEBARAN® XLD 2-C, the ALDEBARAN® XLD (C) COMPACT literally an extreme lighting tool: Extremely robust, extremely flexible and extremely bright, it can be extremely versatile and rapidly deploy mainly.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, it can be particularly efficient transport, thus contributing logistics costs to the reduction of. Here, the extremely robust housing made of an aluminum-nylon composite protects the powerful inner life not only reliable, but also ensures thanks to intelligent lightweight design for an extremely light weight. The assembly and disassembly is so fast, simple and reliable.

The new design also allows the use of an alternating bolt. Via quick can it can be used both from above and from below into the light. So lets run XLD C COMPACT is very easy either normal or upside down - both on a stand and in the hanging operation.

Thanks to the optional segment circuit and dimming function can be adjusted to the required, the amount of light needed more accurately. *
By special Vorsteck discs ** glare values ​​can be further reduced, the XLD C COMPACT which also ideal for use in confined spaces suitable.

If necessary, the light is also pivotable in any direction and at any angle. ***

Technical Data

Luminant4 x SPM16B LED Module
Luminous Flux45.000 lm
Luminous Flux (real)40.000 lm
Colour Temperature5.000 K
Durability50.000 h
Input Voltage100-240 V
Mains Frequency50/60 Hz
Type of CurrentAC
Power Consumption280 W
Temperature (max)50 °C
Dimensions446 x 446 x 228 mm
Weight8,5 (Lamp) kg
IP ClassIP65
CableÖlflex® 540P / H07BQ-F 3G1,5
PlugSchuko IP68
Total Cable Length8 m
Cable Length Plug-Control Unit5 m
Cable Length Control Unit-Lamp3 m
Impact ResistanceIK10
Exchangeable CableYes
Light Functions180° Segment Switch
Temperature (min)-40 °C
Product description and technichal data, as well as availability can be changed without notice. Technical changes and errors reserved!


ALDEBARAN® XLD-C connection cable BASIC HBQ, plug Schuko 16A/250V IP68
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